Are you a writer? Or do you want to become one? Or do you just have something to say? We want to hear from you! PuckerMob creates authentic articles from our readers as well as professional writers that understand our audience. We are a blog that is female-focused on what women care about and want they want to read about.

What type of articles is PuckerMob looking for?  

Our best contributors are often passionate, skilled bloggers, writers, subject-matter experts, and sometimes first-timers who want to share a story. The best contributors share their personal stories that will resonate and bring relatable emotion to the women of PuckerMob.

To write for us, all you need is an idea, a story, or something fun and interesting to share along with the ability to put together a comprehensive post that would be of interest to our community of more than 1.5 million women.

What kinds of articles do we publish?


Give us your top 10, or more! Our audience loves to peruse a good list of the top (insert your number here) best, worst, most unbelievable, reasons for, you name it! Send us your list. Check out this great example of a list article. 


Do you have a strong opinion or are you an expert in something? Do you have a personal experience to share with our readers? Because, when it comes to love, hate, relationships, family, and entertainment, our audience is eager to embrace your story! Need some ideas? Here’s one about skincare. 


The authenticity of an open letter is not only a joy for our readers, but writing an open letter is a chance to air out your grievances. It’s a win-win! Come share your feelings with our empathetic audience. We’ll be cheering you on! Here’s one of the best…grab the tissues! 


Have you recently tried a product or service and have something to say about it? We recently launched our own Pucker Reviews. You let us know what purchases work for you, and which ones, don’t.

Who is our audience?

Our global audience consists of smart, strong, and loving women that beautifully empower each other. Many are moms, wives, girlfriends, sisters, and best friends. They joined our community to take a break from the mundane of the day. Because our content is good for a laugh, a smile, a cry, and sometimes an anger-filled F-bomb. Hey, no judgment.

Sponsored posts

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What do you get in return?

Writing for PuckerMob is super fun because you get to work with us (obviously), but we also offer:

  • Experienced editors to ensure your article really hits the mark.
  • A byline with your photograph and biography, so readers can find out more about you, your blog, and your work.
  • Promotion of our best work goes out to our social media, email newsletter, our other partner sites, and our other channels.


Find your voice within our community and share your experiences, today!