30 Signs You’re, Like, Totally From California

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30 signs you have California in your veins:

  1. Like, even though you hate, like, living up to a stereotype, you, like, say the word “like?? a lot.

  2. “Dude.?? That’s something you sprinkle into every sentence. Dude, just own it.

  3. Speaking of speaking, the “California accent?? can best be described by making statements into questions? You know, kind of like this? Bringing everything you say up a few octaves? At the end?

  4. If you’re a true native, you don’t call California “Cali.??

  5. Orange County is not “the OC?? Come on, people!

  6. San Francisco is not “Cisco.?? Use shorthand like this and you might as well be wearing a tropical flower shirt with a fanny pack, binoculars, and a stack of post cards sticking out of your front pocket.

  7. No matter which part of California you’re from, people from other states will assume that you’re from Hollywood.

  8. Of course you recycle! Is there any other way to live?

  9. To you, earthquakes are as ho-hum as scrolling through everyone’s baby pictures on Throwback-Thursday #tbt, but when it rains? Watch out. By the way Californians react to a rainy day forecast, you’d think the rain was made of acid.

  10. Your guacamole recipe is so much better than everyone’s everywhere.

  11. You know you’re a California native when you know what this means – “Hey – take the 405 to the 73 to the 5 to the 55, or you can take the 73 most of the way, but it’ll cost you your first born.??

  12. If you’re from SoCal, going on an audition as a kid is a rite of passage. You almost definitely chose to sing, “Tomorrow, tomorrow?? like Little Orphan Annie for the vocal portion of the audition.

  13. You never miss an opportunity to gloat to your out-of-towner friends that you have In-N-Out Burger and they don’t.

  14. You’ve written a screenplay.

  15. You are a gluten-free-dairy-free vegan – or if you’re not, you have been at some point or will be in the future.

  16. You think New Yorkers are jerks.

  17. Someone from your middle school only attended half days because he spent the other half of the school day shooting something for the Disney Channel.

  18. Your waiter is an out of work actor.

  19. So is your chiropractor.

  20. And your mechanic.

  21. If the weather gets below 60, you bust out with the ski jacket, because it’s FREEZING.

  22. Chances are you have probably seen or lived near somewhere affected by a wildfire.

  23. You have done or are currently doing a juice cleanse.

  24. Driving anywhere else in the U.S., you feel like you’re in the twilight zone because people, like, let you over, and wave thank you and crazy-friendly nonsense like that.

  25. You are equally adept at skiing and surfing and you’ll probably do a bit of both before next year rolls around. Lace up that ski jacket!

  26. You grew up keeping a close eye on your small dogs when they stepped out to do their business in fear of looming coyotes.

  27. Your teacup dog has its own circle of peers. They hooked up in Doggie Yoga.

  28. People who know you describe you as “outdoorsy.?? How’d you get that way? Um….you grew up with perfect weather every day of your life? Hello? (Minus that one terrifying day it rained)

  29. You have more than a handful of selfies you took with sea lions from your last trip up the Pacific Coast Highway.

  30. Whether you’re from NorCal or SoCal, you claim your half of the state is the best. And you’re both right.

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