24 Signs You Have Extreme FOMO

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FOMO (foe-moe): Fear of Missing Out. When you have anxiety that you’re missing out on an interesting or fun event that’s currently happening somewhere else where you aren’t. No need to worry, we’ve all suffered through this at one point. 

  1. You’re really sick, but all of your friends are going out without you. Not the best feeling.
  2. Your crush or S.O. is going out with a bunch of single people and it worries you.
  3. It’s a Friday night and you don’t have any plans, so all you do is wonder what everyone else is doing or stalk all your friends on their social media wondering why they didn’t invite you.
  4. Even when you’re on a holiday, you constantly check your work e-mail.
  5. Whenever you choose to stay in instead of going out, most of the time you always end up regretting it.
  6. When you meet someone who had a crazy weekend partying and you’re like, “I watched Netflix all weekend?”
  7. It’s not a good time when you have to go to bed early and miss out on doing something exciting because you have to wake up early in the morning for work.
  8. When your friends are studying abroad and you have to see all of their amazing pictures.
  9. And, when your friend receives her dream job, but you’re still figuring out your whole life and career.
  10. When your whole squad is going somewhere without you, so you feel completely alone and sad.
  11. And if you’re the single one out all of your friends you’ll know not to bother them when they’re with their boyfriends.
  12. Sometimes, you even see a mom with their newborn, and a thought crosses your mind for just a quick second that maybe you should have one.
  13. When you see little kids running around and having such an easy and carefree life, and you’re like, “I want to be forever young. Take me back!”
  14. Nothing haunts you like the things you didn’t buy, but you really wanted to.
  15. You’re always comparing your life to others.
  16. The only cure for your FOMO is taking a nap in order to forget about it.
  17. If you don’t go to a music festival, it feels like everyone’s there except you.
  18. You’re always checking social media to see if you’re missing out on something. It’s a real struggle.
  19. You feel out of the loop 24/7, and you truly wish that wasn’t the case. 
  20. Your phone is always in your hand or nearby you because you never want to miss out on anything.
  21. You feel under-stimulated when you’re not doing something enjoyable.
  22. You always want to be surrounded by people.
  23. You want to say, “yes” to everything and most of the time you do. You’ll feel frustrated if you say “no” because you never want to turn someone down.
  24. You’re always down to do something at any time of the day.

Pace yourself, it’s not necessary to always worry yourself that you’re missing out. Chances are you’re not.

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