10 Signs You're a Hopeful Romantic, No Hopeless-ness About It

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There’s a subtle difference between a hopeful and hopeless romantic. Both types of romantics love, well love. However, their difference is in the way they approach love and how they view it. Hopeful means that they are optimistic for the idea of love, but aren’t blissfully blinded by it.

Hopeless romantics are in love with the idea of love and they simply can’t help it. They are hopelessly enamored with the idea of that dreamy idealistic storybook ending. Hopeful romantics are obsessed with love in their own way. Here are some signs you fall into the hopeful category of lovers:

1. Hopeful Romantics love the idea of a ‘meet-cute’, but are precarious of the circumstances.

Why is he alone on Saturday night? I mean yes you are too, but he’s really handsome and smells nice. Shouldn’t he be laughing in the window of a nice restaurant? You have to get to the bottom of this.

You aren’t afraid to ask questions and see if it’s right. A hopeless romantic would fight back the urge to propose marriage, but you would ask him what he does for a living, with your fingers crossed behind your back praying he doesn’t say murderer.

2. You love Romantic comedy movies, but aren’t fooled by them.

You see that the plot line is ridiculous; you love it regardless. You don’t try to recreate the romantic comedy romance, because you’re hopeful that you will find something that is just as romantic, but with a palpable authenticity that is far better than any movie you’ve seen.

3. You are good at judging character.

You won’t get wrapped up in a going nowhere relationship for too long because you don’t wear rose-colored glasses in relationships. You take people for what they are and what they’re not. If they aren’t right for you move on.

Sometimes relationships don’t work out, you understand that. You also understand, the quicker you drop them, the faster you find the guy you’re supposed to be with. Staying in a bad relationship waiting for someone to fall in love with you is not the way to start an authentic romance.

Love triangles are only sexy in movies.

4. You don’t mope while eating chocolate, you laugh while drinking wine.

You aren’t the type to cry out “WHERE ARE ALL THE GOOD GUYS?!” while you shove reese’s peanut cups aggressively into your mouth.

Instead, you buy a cheap bottle of wine at the gas station, throw on sweats and Skype your friends, describing the weird guy encounters you’ve had. You laugh because it’s better than crying. You don’t want to tell yourself there’s no one in the world for you, because that could be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

If you are going to fulfill a prophecy you’ve declared, might as well be the one where you yelled you were going to be a mermaid while drunk on tequila.

5. You don’t need anyone but yourself to be happy.

You don’t need to be in a relationship; and because of this, you don’t settle for anything less than the real thing. The real love stuff. The finish each other’s sentences, laugh at each other’s jokes and wash each other’s underwear kind of love.

You are perfectly content with bingeing on a Netflix show by yourself, rather than being in the company of a man who doesn’t deserve it. You don’t want to be alone forever, but that hopeful romantic in you, says keep doing you and one day you won’t be.

6. Real-life love stories give you all the feels.

Oh my gosh, how long have they been married? He says she’s just as beautiful as the day they met. Hashtag swoon.

Those real life love stories that you see on Facebook or people meeting in ordinary real life circumstances hits you right in the heart and gives you that physical evidence it’s all possible.

LOVE EXISTS, but of course, you knew it all along.

7. You understand real love isn’t perfect and neither are people.

You have to remember this, or otherwise you’d fall in that hopeless romantic category. You’d either be single forever waiting for the perfect specimen of man, or putting unrealtistic expectations on someone who’s far from perfect and far from perfect for you.

So, you look for what’s perfect for you. This means you try not to have a type, and you’re open to any guy that catches your eye and holds a great conversation over loud music at the bar.

8. You are optimistic in general, as often as you can be, even when they discontinue your favorite mac lipstick.

If you try to be optimistic in your everyday life, it will reflect in your love life as well. Then one day you won’t have to try, you will be optimistic.

You will roll your eyes as your friends complain about their love lives; and you will talk until your blue in the face, trying to explain to them that they are focusing on all the wrong things and all the wrong people.

9. You risk it for the biscuit, but only for the biscuit.

You’re willing to put your heart on the line and risk getting hurt. You’d stand on the edge of the highest metaphorical love sky scraper for the right person.

You won’t do it for just anyone, so when you say I love you, it’s as special as should be. You haven’t been running around telling it to every tinder date you’ve ever had, or shouting it out during a one night stand.

10. You are the biggest oxymoron of all, a realistic optimistic hopeful romantic.

You can be a realist who believes in love at first sight. You are a realist because you can tell the difference. You know that sometimes when you bump into someone on the street, it’s just because your clumsy, not some grand act planned by cupid himself.

Any sometimes something that you thought would be adorable, feels wrong and creepy; and you know to run away before you’re on the evening news.

You adore love, but you don’t let it be your weakness. Loving love for you doesn’t mean just the idea of it, you want the real deal. It takes more than simply wishing for it. You know that your prince charming won’t be wearing armor, but possibly a vintage style band t-shirt and some white vans. It doesn’t have to feel like a dream, because dreams aren’t real, but he will be.

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