33 Thoughts the Perpetually Lazy Girl Has While Attempting to Run a 5k

Maybe you were talked into running a for a charity event, maybe you have a really convincing friend who got you to say yes before you even realized what you were agreeing to. 

Because let’s be real, that last time you ran it was after the ice cream truck. But hey, it’s only 3.1 miles. You can surely handle it, right? 

  1. Why is it so early?

  2. Can’t we run at night?

  3. What’s up with the bananas and water? I want coffee and donuts.

  4. It’s for a good cause… I should really stop complaining.

  5. We are starting… better get in the back so people don’t have to pass me.

  6. This isn’t so bad.

  7. I’m not even in last place.

  8. Maybe I’ll slow it down just a little. I’m starting to get tired.

  9. 2 minutes?! I’m tired after 2 minutes?

  10. I shouldn’t have drank so much water. I’m going to have to pee soon.

  11. Breathe in, breathe out. Focus!

  12. 1 mile?! It feels like I should be done

  13. My ribs hurt.

  14. My heart hurts.

  15. Is this what a heart attack feels like?

  16. I’m going to collapse right here.

  17. At least I’ll die giving to a good cause.

  18. Maybe I’ll walk, just for a few minutes.

  19. Only one more mile left… I got this. Time to pick up the pace.

  20. Nope, don’t got this.

  21. Is that a hill?

  22. Who put a hill in the middle of our route?!

  23. Next time, I’ll just donate the money and sleep in.

  24. Are those people ahead of me talking to each other?

  25. How can they carry on a conversation when I can hardly breathe?

  26.  I’m literally going right back to bed after this.

  27. Or maybe I should eat first.

  28. Sleep or eat….this will forever be the hardest decision of my life.

  29. I see the finish line! I’m going to make it!

  30. I did it! I am a GOD!!!

  31. That wasn’t bad at all.

  32. I’m going to start running all the time.

  33. But I’m definitely going to go home and take a nap first.

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