5 Reasons Why Sarcasm Is One Of The Most Attractive Traits

Sarcasm is a form of art. There is a fine line between being playfully witty, and just a downright ass. When done correctly, sarcasm can be pretty attractive. Here are 5 reasons why:

1. It shows that you’re smart: Thinking of a witty comeback doesn’t come easily to everyone. The proven ability to think quickly, and instantaneously offer a humorous comment? It shows that you are a sharp person. I think I can speak for most of us when I say that we are typically attracted to smart individuals. Although many attractive people are out there, sometimes all of the lights are on but nobody’s home.

2. It demonstrates that you have a good sense of humor: Of course, dark, dry humor doesn’t sit well with everybody. Therefore, you should simply avoid those people at all costs. Just kidding – but seriously.

3. You leave an element of mystery: Sometimes having to decipher whether the person is joking or not is actually kind of fun. Or it can drive you crazy. Either way, you’re thinking of them, aren’t you?

4. It’s a successful method of flirting, leaving out the overused pick-up lines.

“You must be tired from running through my dreams all night.???

 “How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice!???

 “Hey, I know this is weird… but you look a lot like my next girlfriend.???

Okay so hopefully, most people don’t actually use these pickup lines, or anything similar. However, adding a bit of sarcastic wit to a typically dry delivery of small talk (The basic “where are you from???, “what do you do,??? etc), can spice up the conversation. 

Would you rather hear the basic “Let me buy you a drink, beautiful???, or “I’m really glad the DJ has been playing the same top 40 songs on repeat all night.??? Sarcasm can successfully draw you in, and serves to keep you intrigued.

5. It forms a connection: By being sarcastic with another person, you are suggesting that they “get??? you. In other words, they understand the underlying message that you are trying to convey. You always have the option of faking a connection by stalking their social media and feigning an interest in their specific passions. Or you can be your sarcastic self when conversing with someone, and a connection may magically form on its own.