10 Signs You Like Someone More Than You Thought You Did

Some of us can be rather oblivious when it comes to having a crush. We’d like to think that we’re not as into the person as a way to keep our integrity in tact.

But sometimes, you gotta face the truth that you may be head over heels for a person more than you’d like to admit:

1. You adapt new interests.

You begin to take interests in their interests and they’re interests you never had even an ounce of interest in. Like if your crush had an interest in Star Wars. Even if you’ve never seen one movie, you start reading about it and check out trailers for the new film that’s coming out. Or if they are a pizza lover. Even if you’re kind of meh about pizza, you can’t help but think of places to try creative slices like artichoke.

2. You become an investigator.

You start looking forward to your crush’s Facebook statuses like new episodes of your favorite sitcom. You can’t help but take a look through their Instagram photos or tumblr posts, trying to see what they’re about and if they’re the type of person you can vibe with.

3. You notice weirdly personal things about that person.

Such as the face they make every time they pass under the Chipotle vent, how they have more freckles on their nose than anywhere, or the way they say “uhhh??? whenever they’re trying to decide what to eat. You can’t help but take notice of the little things about them that you find strangely attractive.

4. And hope they notice those things about you as well.

You wonder if they notice the side eye you make when someone steps on your foot without an apology or the dead face you make at Trojan commercials (seriously, they’re getting extra). 

5. You daydream different interactions with your crush.

Although you hang out with them often, you can’t help but think about a variety of situations you could have with your crush like going bungee jumping or taking a road trip. Bonus points if it gets a bit ridiculous like solving murders.

6. You bring them up into conversations. 

No matter how much you try, your crush always somehow sneaks into conversations you have with friends, even if they’re completely irrelevant to the topic. If you’re complaining about long commutes, you bring up the question of what your crush does during those long commutes.

7. You don’t feel like you have to perform for them.

You’re completely yourself without filter whenever you hang out with your crush. You don’t feel like you have to have a certain image around them and you actually like being around them.

8. You think of how they’ll react to certain situations.

Whenever your uncle does his signature dance at an annual family party, you can’t help but wonder how you’re crush would react to seeing that…besides the eye roll, of course.

9. You actually like to have arguments with them.

Whether or not cats make better TV buddies is a debate where you don’t want to throw them out the window. Look at that.

10. You develop a different outlook in life.

Being around your crush, helps you to consider a whole new outlook on life that you once felt didn’t work for you and actually helped you to live life with a better attitude.