Guilt Free Ghosting, The One Time It’s Totally Ok To do It

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Here Is The Situationship

All over the internet I am seeing posts and articles ridiculing people who have “ghosted??? others.

Ghosting is when you cease all communication from the person you are dating or going to potentially date.

It is deemed pathetic and inhumane by the social media world. Here is why it isn’t.

Guys are just such impossible pigs these days. Yes, there are some that are story book perfect, and my wish is that every girl will find one of those one day.

But for the most part, they are sexist, self-consumed, and have very few things in mind for your budding relationship.

It’s like as soon as you become single, a little light bulb blinks in front of their eyes and they become a pack of rabid animals and you’re the poor little lamb alone in the pasture.

They’re going to start off with cute messages that make you smile and think that this could actually be perfect.

“You’re so beautiful!???

But they quickly turn to less cute messages sent at 3am when you are supposedly going to be more vulnerable and willing to preform disrespectful tasks for them.

“Send nudes, baby girl.???


We could keep playing their games and blow it off like no big deal…but where would that get us in the long run?

In a relationship with a big jerk, unhappy and disrespected.

Or, you could take time out of your day to freak out on him, call him out and tell him exactly about what you think of his inappropriate request to see your sacred body in a Snapchat picture.

However, obviously he’s not even worth the five minutes you’d spend writing the message and several hours you’d spend stewing over it.

With the thick skulls that men are born with, it wouldn’t really matter what you told him anyways, because if he was stupid enough to disrespect you in that way, he wouldn’t be smart enough to learn from his actions.

He would just tell all his buddies that you’re a bitch.

Or, you could drop it. Leave it just as it is, delete his number, unfriend him on Facebook, and try to forget that there are boys out there with as little respect as he has.

Honestly, I see that as the only mature option that we as women have.

As a woman, I have more respect for myself than to let some guy think he is deserving of my body over Snapchat and I hope that other women would too.

Time for that jerk to get ghosted.

The same exact advice goes for things he says to you in person that are hurtful or inappropriate or things he does that are annoying or disgusting or just plain rude.

So that’s why I ghost. I ghost because I’m mature and I know that I deserve Prince Charming to sweep me off my feet. I ghost because I refuse to be disrespected by boys who try and pretend that they are men.

So ladies, stop feeling bad when you have to cut some disrespectful boy out of your life by just doing the easy thing and deleting his number.

You deserve better, anyways.

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