25 Things to Know Before Dating a Vegetarian

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If you find yourself dating a vegetarian, you’ll soon realize that there are more positives than negatives. As much as you enjoy eating meat, you’ll find out that you love your significant other even more. It may be difficult at the beginning of your relationship, but everything will work itself out eventually. 

  1. They don’t like getting called out at restaurants for eating differently than others.
  2. They probably get plenty of protein, so there’s no need to be concerned.
  3. Many vegetarians are incredible cooks. 
  4. They tend to be very creative with how they subsitute protein into their diet. Be open-minded.
  5. If you love trying out many kinds of food, you’re in luck.
  6. Indian food is perfect for date night. Just a thought. 
  7. You’ll always have to check out the menu for vegetarian options before you make a reservation.
  8. There’s a huge difference between vegetarian and vegan. You’ll learn quickly.
  9. If your significant other is vegetarian, it doesn’t mean they’re going to make you be one too.
  10. Being a vegetarian doesn’t mean they love vegetables. It could actually be the complete opposite.
  11. They’ll tend to talk about their vegetarianism often, but at least they’re passionate and believe in something strongly.
  12. It’s likely that they’ll show strong signs of commitment to you and staying vegetarian. 
  13. Don’t tell them that they’re missing out. They hate when people tell them that.
  14. Do your best to try and not tempt them to try meat. Not chill.
  15. No matter what you’ll always love the smell of bacon…
  16. Tell your S.O. that you don’t want to eat turkey bacon or any other meat alternatives.
  17. There will be a never-ending debate on the fact that not eating meat is healthier. Try to avoid the subject. 
  18. Especially when people constantly ask them if they’re ever going to eat meat again.
  19. Don’t worry at all, they won’t judge you for eating meat.
  20. Just like you shouldn’t judge them for not eating meat.
  21. Get used to the fact that they’re going to always check the ingredients in practically everything they eat…
  22. …It’s seriously not a big deal at all. You’ll get used to it.  
  23. They can’t even touch or even look at any type of meat.
  24. Yes, it will be annoying at times dating a vegetarian.
  25. Despite the fact that they don’t eat meat, you still love them.

Opposites attract. 

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