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Can I use my Credit card to Buy Cannabis Online?

Cannabis might be legal in your state, but does that mean you can purchase it online using a credit card? Surprisingly, there are two answers to this question. First, some marijuana dispensaries claim that they accept marijuana credit cards. However, according to industry experts, some credit card networks don’t process transactions for marijuana purchases. 


Do all the Online Marijuana Dispensaries accept credit cards?

In fact, more than 80% of middle age Americans have a credit card. 70% of consumers prefer card payments (both debit and credit) more than cash. And only 10% make all their purchases without card. It’s obvious why a lot of dispensary owners really want to accept cards. Just like cardholders, who want to evaluate the effects and health benefits of marijuana.

Not all dispensaries accept online payment methods due to the volatile nature of cannabis banking. The current federal laws have limited the power of most dispensaries, making it hard for them to receive payments from credit cards. However, at, you can utilize your card and buy their quality marijuana products as long as you set up your mesh account, deposit money, and pay for your Seeds securely.

Thus, cash is the most common form of payment widely used in most cannabis dispensaries. Due to this phenomenon, cannabis businesses and dispensaries find themselves in a challenging situation, holding large amounts of cash. 

Despite this, there are those dispensaries that accept credit or debit cards for cannabis payments. Yes, you can purchase Future 1 Strains using your credit card at one of these dispensaries. 

However, since not all credit card companies support cannabis businesses or dispensaries, most businesses find workarounds, such as opening a shell company or using different merchant codes. This way, cannabis users can make marijuana purchases using credit cards but via third parties and also you can cure your dental health. While it is challenging to make payments using credit cards, the debit method serves as a more straightforward transaction processing method. In this system, a customer authorizes a cash withdrawal from their account. The dispensary will then be left with the withdrawal receipt. 


How Can I Safely Purchase Marijuana Online?

Online and store purchase of marijuana is as simple as any other purchase. You start by locating your most preferred online shop, identify the product you want to buy, add it to your cart, and complete your purchase. However, it is remarkably different when it comes to filling in your credit card information. 

Most cannabis establishments rely on third parties to process credit card payments; you should be extra careful with who you share your banking credentials. And to avoid security risks and other penalties, you should consider using an e-transfer. 

Mostly, e-transfers are pretty straightforward, but the process will vary slightly depending on the criteria of the online dispensary that you choose to shop from. The simple steps include: 

1) You first sign in to your mobile banking financial institution and click the send money option. 
2) You start by selecting the account that you will use for your online fund’s withdrawal.
3) Identify the relevant information needed by the shop that you will be making your purchase and payments. 
4) Fill in the total amount of money you are willing to spend for your purchase, and hit the submit button. 
5) After a successful purchase, wait for some minutes for a confirmation report that your e-transfer was a success. In case you don’t receive a confirmation report, contact the shop to confirm your purchase.

However, you should know that you cannot use this process to purchase marijuana services if you reside in a state that has not legalized marijuana sales. 


The Risks of Online Purchasing Using Credit Cards

Most experienced customers and patients know that it is sometimes challenging to make legal marijuana purchases using credit cards because most banks and credit card companies are regulated by state and federal laws governing the cannabis industry. At the national level, recreational cannabis remains illegal despite some states legalizing it. 

Another risk of purchasing marijuana online is that your account might get closed. Many recreational marijuana dispensaries have a strained relationship with credit unions and banks as they might close their merchant account at any time, sometimes even without warning. Moreover, reports from the credit card union show that VISA does not support marijuana purchase transactions. However, there is news that some new mobile apps will help credit card cannabis purchases. 


Systems that Allow The Use of Credit Cards

One of the apps that facilitates the purchase of marijuana online using a credit card is the KindPay app. This app will enable consumers to purchase cannabis products using their Mastercard, Visa, Discover cards, and other banks’ debit and credit cards. The app operates as a closed-loop system powered by the Herring Bank. The app is expected to be a game-changer that will dictate how people spend on cannabis.

Another app that allows online purchases of cannabis using credit cards is BlazePay. This online payment platform supports debit card and credit card processing through integration with the Retail Point Sale platform. This payment method is efficient because it helps authorized PIN-based card transactions. Dispensary customers can thus use their credit and debit cards to purchase cannabis.

Customers greatly benefit when marijuana dispensaries accept their credit cards. Customers who use electronic payment forms tend to make more visits to these businesses because their purchases are not limited to the amount of cash in their wallets. However, it is essential to consider your privacy.


Why Should I Consider My Privacy?

According to the Privacy Commissioner, the buyers and sellers need to be educated on the potential risks if their transactions are no longer private and involve third parties. One is likely to face the consequences of the banking statement falling within a jurisdiction where marijuana sales are illegal.

According to the privacy commissioner, people should know that cannabis sales and consumption are illegal in some states within the US. Therefore, individuals are advised to take security precautions to protect personal information. The main point is to protect banking information when making online marijuana purchases generally. 


Final Thoughts

One of the most significant progress attained by the cannabis industry is in the banking and processing options. The Secure and Fair Enforcement Banking Act was passed by Congress in May 2017. The act is likely to prevent banking institutions from facing penalties for facilitating illegal cannabis sales. The bill protects banks that work with legal cannabis ventures from any disadvantages. The act is likely to provide a more comprehensive solution to business ventures if passed.


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