Cool Jackets You Can Wear All Year Round

Shopping may seem like child’s play to many. You buy what you like – how hard could it possibly be?

Shopping for summers and winters is a doddle, no doubt. However, it is shopping for the in-between seasons that leave us all at sixes and sevens.

Shopping for transitory seasons is an art that is quite tricky to master. We are here to talk about the one item that works in every season: the quintessential jacket.

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Jackets are the ultimate accessory that never disappoints. You can wear them all year round because they are super dependable and versatile. We have compiled a list of versatile jackets that you can wear all year round. Let’s get started.

1. The Varsity Jacket

Varsity jackets are youthful, versatile, and the epitome of smart casual wear. Their baggy cut flatter all shapes and sizes. While some may think they look like you just came out of high school soccer practice, varsity jackets can be easily dressed up.

The key is to play with fabric to give the jacket a more sophisticated look. Fabric can make or break a design. If you are looking for a chic varsity jacket that you can wear all year round, look into fabrics like leather, suede, or boiled wool. Not only will they be perfect for that in-between weather, but you can always get your jacket lined when the days start to get chilly.

When it comes to colors, darker tones are your best friend. While bold hues are fun, colors like black, navy, and charcoal grey are not only super versatile but also look much pricier than other hues. If your budget doesn’t permit you, here is one way to look chic.

2. The Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets are a favorite when it comes to outerwear. Their design has stood the test of time and continues to make waves in the fashion world. Whether you wear it over a plain white tee and sneakers, or a crisp Oxford shirt, tailored pants, and loafers, a bomber jacket works with everything.

Bomber jackets are everywhere; therefore, to stand out, you need to work a little harder when it comes to styling. Look into a variety of fabrics for a fresh and modern outlook. We have all seen the leather and nylon bomber jackets – it is now time to try something different. Suede is an excellent choice, along with soft wool. When it comes to color, opt for versatile hues that you can wear all round with an array of outfits. Deep neutral tones seldom disappoint.

3. The Field Jacket

Field jackets are a classic that looks great in every season. Their vintage design is timelessly chic. Their modern renditions, however, are just as classy, if not more. They bring with them a unique look that bases itself on the original army apparel making them the perfect pick for day-to-day wear.

For the fashionable field jacket ensemble, play with a loose fit and exciting tones that you can pair an array of outfits with. While khaki is super dependable, it can get quite dull. Opt for a mossy green, a deep brown, or a pale green instead.

4. The Down Gilet

Down gilets were initially not met with much praise. What was initially a style that was characteristic of those who lived in the countryside is now one that has taken the world by storm. Down gilets are super practical and comfortable to wear. Luxury labels are now endorsing the sporty design as an essential that can be worn on their own or over or under jackets.

5. The Coach Jacket

Coach jackets are very similar to varsity jackets. They are practical, light-weight, and waterproof, making them ideal for all-year-round wear. However, it is time to take them out of the shadows and into the limelight. The new renditions of the trusty coach jacket feature accents that have now turned your average coach jacket into a streetwear essential. While the point collar and snap button front remain the same, their style is far more fashion-forward and trendy.

Stick to a plain design with simple patterns, motifs, or logos. Less is more is the mantra with coach jackets. It is best if you do not overdo them.

6. The Technical Jacket

If there was one jacket, designed for all-year-round wear, it was the technical jacket. This all-season fail-proof companion can multitask like no other. You can carry it in the chicest way over a tee or under another jacket. You can wear them when it rains or shines.  It is a great option to carry it in a variety of social settings. What makes the technical jacket so user-friendly is its unpretentiousness. Its simple aesthetic is not one that you can easily hate.

Trendy technical jackets pay an ode to the classic 90s cut. They are big, boxy, and come in an array of funky colors. Simple cuts and non-conforming colors are an absolute treat because while they stick to the classic style, they carry their peculiar flavor. Pick the one that runs parallel to your style and sports your technical jacket; it all its glory.

7. The Trucker Jacket

Trucker jackets are an all-season staple because they are safe and handy. When the temperature gets rough, you can wear multiple layers under them. On other days, you can sport it on its own with a pair of trusty jeans and boots.

To add an exciting dimension to the essential trucker jacket, experiment with fabric. Excellent choices to play with include wool, denim, or corduroy, as they are timeless and versatile. Darker hues look much chicer and on-trend.

8. The Biker Jacket

Biker jackets scream badass. Their edgy demeanor is striking, unapologetically bold, and hard to miss. Needless to say, when you have a leather biker jacket on, all eyes are one you. Their short and fitted cut makes them a timeless classic. You really cannot go wrong with them. Throw one over a basic outfit, and you will take your look from basic to a banger in the blink of an eye. Whether it is a crisp dress shirt and tailored trousers or a casual pair of distressed jeans and a tank top, a leather biker compliments them all.

Biker leather jackets are perfect to wear throughout the year. They are one of the most amazing staples that can be worn to an array of social settings as well. If the weather gets chilly, you can always get your leather biker jacket lined with thermal fabric for added insulation.

To give your biker leather jacket, a contemporary twist, play with bold hues, fun cuts, and interesting finishes. The world is your oyster when it comes to leather jackets. If you want something other than the classic black leather biker, perhaps you can opt for a broad-shouldered matte finish hot red biker.

9. The Suede Jacket

Suede looks and feels like a luxury. What makes it unique is that despite its unique feel, suede is one tough cookie. It has incredible longevity, and it works in all seasons. Whether it is a suede biker, bomber, or collared jacket, they look great and work even better. The best part about them is that they act as armor if you get caught in the rain. Lux, chic, durable, AND protective – is there anything to complain about? We do not think so.

A buttery soft suede jacket is super versatile. You can play with an array of colors and styles with them. The classic camel, navy, and black are your safest bet if you are looking to impress. However, you wish to opt for something more exciting and fresh, choose for unique colors like rust, burnt orange, deep brown, or maroon. With the fall season in full swing, these colors will work brilliantly well.

10. The Harrington Jacket

Harrington jackets are a menswear staple. Their timeless design is one that is dependable and versatile yet effortlessly stylish and practical. Their clean and sleek silhouette makes them ideal for wearing over a summer tee or under a warm coat. Their simplicity speaks volumes, making them ideal for all-year-round wear. If you are looking to buy a jacket that promises good wear and versatility, a Harrington jacket is worth the investment.

11. The Gamma Jacket

Graphene’s GAMMA is an all-season jacket that can be worn year-around. This is the most advanced jacket that is made with the Graphene, one of the most strongest and flexible known material. GAMMA is equipped with some cool features, including waterproofing, anti-odor, thin & lightweight and built-in heating. The built-in heating feature allows you to control your body temperature so when you feel your body heat is not enough, you can supercharge GAMMA’s Graphene layer at the push of a button. Pretty cool. If you are looking for a cool lightweight waterproof jacket, GAMMA is a good option.

Final Words

Jackets are a style essential everyone should own. They feel good, and they look even better. These suggested jackets are the perfect finishing touches to your outfit all year round. It is safe to say that every season is jacket season. Start building your four season’s wardrobe now.

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