Why Skye Estroff Of Foodie Road Trip Is A Culinary Delight.

Skye Estroff of Foodie Road Trip is a Culinary Expert and an all around Foodie Female Entrepreneur. She is well known as the “Atlanta food expert” on both TV and Radio. Skye has a bachelor’s degree in Dietetics and has worked in food and media on both Atlanta Eats and The Taste Of Atlanta. And as a regular contributor to Fox 5 Good Day Atlanta, Skye highlights the latest yummy local restaurant trends in Atlanta.

Now, as an executive producer and host of the show Foodie Road Trip, Skye takes us on a culinary journey where the long road travelled meets a very tasty meal. The show boasts over fifteen foodie restaurant favorites that are peppered throughout the USA. (pun intended) These yummy eateries are showcased with thoughtful and fun interviews featuring diners, chefs and restaurant staff. Must watch tasting segments, and mouthwatering “must try” culinary delights are shared.

I sat down with this gloriously unassuming and ultra cool chick and asked her some candid questions, about herself, her journey as a female foodie entrepreneur, her experience making Foodie Road Trip and, most importantly, what’s for dessert?!

Favorite food to make?

I love to go all out when it comes to brunch!  From omelets & frittatas to banana chocolate chip pancakes & homemade Challah French toast, mornings are much better when there is a big spread!


Favorite food to order at a restaurant?

I always gravitate to the signature dishes on the menu. I want to see the chef’s creativity and get a taste of what the restaurant is all about!


Best road trip snack to make ahead of time?

It’s got to be homemade party mix! I like to have sweet and savory options on hand, so I bake my first batch with cheese crackers, almonds and cashews with Ranch seasoning, dill and olive oil. The second batch is a combination of rice Chex, corn Chex, Cheerios, pretzel sticks and M&Ms with white chocolate melted throughout. After both of my snacks are dry, I bag them up and they’re ready for the car ride!


Best road trip snack to buy?

I’m a sucker for a good gas station snack. My go-to used to be the Reese’s Crispy Crunchy Bar filled with crunchy peanut butter and covered in milk chocolate with peanuts but now I opt for whatever funky dark chocolate treat I haven’t seen before!


Podcasts to listen to on a road trip?

My favorite podcast of the moment is Absolutely Not by Heather McMahan – she cracks me up! I also love Amy Schumer’s podcast, 3 Girls, 1 Keith.


When did you decide that you loved to cook?

I have a distinct memory of making sugar cookies in the kitchen with my grandma when I was around 3 years old. From an early age, both of my grandmas bonded with me by teaching me their food traditions and creating new recipes together. I’ve always had a love for cooking because of that.


How do you choose which restaurants air on Foodie Road Trip?

First, my Foodie Road Trip team and I visit towns that we want to learn more about. Then, we see where cars are parked and talk to the locals to get their takes on what’s good in the area. The last thing that we do is try the food! Because we have to make sure everything that we feature on Foodie Road Trip is just as good as it looks on TV!


As a Foodie, what is your Culinary pet peeve?

When food is overcooked (i.e., a well-done steak or eggs cooked until they’ve turned brown) I get peeved because it’s inedible! When you’re respecting the ingredients, you don’t overdo it.


If you were stuck on an island, and had only one food item and one beverage what would those two items be?

My southern roots may be showing through, but I think this would have to be fried chicken and champagne. They just go together!


Would you ever want to own a restaurant one day?

This is definitely a question that crosses my mind from time to time! I think I would prefer a small stall or pop up before going all in for a large-scale restaurant. On one hand, I have the insider knowledge and experience to know that owning a restaurant is one of the most difficult jobs out there…but on the other hand it’s an incredibly supportive community of people and a great creative outlet. We shall see!


What is your favorite international cuisine?

My favorite international cuisine is what I’m in the mood for at the moment! Some of my favorite dishes are Greek Spanakopita, Indian Saag Paneer and Samosas, Thai curries, Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Plantains & Rice and Peas…I could go on and on!


Last one, Sweet or Savory when it comes to dessert?

Anything with a rich dark chocolate is right up my alley!


You can find Skye Estroff on Instagram.

Be sure to check her out on Food Road Trip, streaming on major streaming apps soon.